Gryphon 4200 Series

The Gryphon™ series of handheld readers already have a solid and respectable reputation throughout retail, commercial services, light manufacturing, healthcare, and access control. The new Gryphon 4200 linear imager has just moved the bar even higher. This series represents the premium range of 1D handheld scanners from Datalogic for use in multiple applications. It has been equipped with many future-proof upgrades to keep your operation ahead of the game. Additionally, the reader housing can withstand the harshest of chemical cleaning agents making daily cleaning easier and safer for the operator. The scanner will be operable from shift to shift and effortlessly read hard to read, poor quality, and damaged codes. You can even scan barcodes directly from mobile device screens or through tough plexiglass panels. Enhance the operating flexibility at POS, capturing any barcodes from near to far with a great depth of field – easier than ever.  Operators can also read the ‘bottom of the basket’ items. You couldn’t ask for more.