Oracle Hospitality




  • Cloud-enabled business efficiency and agility with lower IT costs

  • Ability to continue trade if internet connection is lost

  • Customer engagement with live content in a rich user interface

  • Mobile-enabled with multiple hardware options for flexibility

  • Centralized management of menus, pricing, and promotions

  • Conversational ordering with a fluid workflow that enables cashier to enter orders as they are given

  • Flexible order management controls to suit all environments

  • Cash management to maximize revenues by tracking cash flow

  • Powerful reporting for comprehensive real-time data accessible by mobile

  • Kitchen management functionality for consistency and efficiency

  • Labor management capability to streamline staff scheduling

  • Optional services for loyalty and gift cards, inventory, and loss prevention

  • Integration to online ordering and payment applications

  • Multilanguage and currency support


  • Reduce the cost of IT management across the enterprise by leveraging the cloud

  • Take guest engagement to a new level with a POS solution that extends to mobile

  • Increase consistency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with centralized management

  • Quickly bring ideas and innovations to market with operational agility

  • Manage multiple operational styles within one enterprise

  • Easily extend the solution to include loss prevention, loyalty, and inventory management

  • Simplify integration by leveraging APIs to connect with mobile payment options, online ordering solutions, and more