KDS Technical Support offers a full service and support relating to  your business applications. Our teams continuously offer service that customers can trust and be satisfied with throughout the life cycle of products, and to build long-lasting relationship of mutual trust. With our Maintenance Contract and GaransiPlus KDS  customer can gain operational reliability, equipment longevity and reduced operating expenses for your peace of mind.



Our Services And Maintenance

» Central Service Center in Jakarta
» Workshop in every branch office
» On the spot engineers
» Central spare parts store
» Spare part stores in every branch office
» Network installation
» Backup machines
» Maintenance contracts

We offer a wide variety of solutions tailored to suit your every need. Whether you require extended protection after the warranty expires on your business machine, on location training, network installation, spareparts or even personalized software - KDS has it all.

We provide you a solution with our experience, knowledge and resources.

Please contact our Service Center or Customer Service for the service available in your area.

Service Center
PT. Kahar Duta sarana
Wisma KDS Lt. 4
Jl. Hj. Tutty Alawiyah No. 06B
Jakarta Selatan 12740
Phone    : (021) 790 0036
Fax        : (021) 7918 0887
Email     : sc.admin@kahar.co.id