Questions that are commonly ask

Q: How durable is the print head of B-EX4T2 barcode printer?

A: The B-EX4T2 have a lifetime of average more or less at 30 km printing durability


Q: What is the benefit by using the B-SX5

A: One thing is the B-SX5 is the only barcode printer in the market that have a head of 5 inch size. The other benefit by using the B-SX5 is that they have Ribbon Save that already included inside it. The ribbon save module its an optional module to have a less consumption of ribbon within a non printing area of more or less 50mm. 


Q: Does the emulation can work with ZPL?

A: The emulation technology enables Toshiba printers to work with ZPL II data streas allowing you to enhance you labels without modifying your current system. No software changes are required just install the printer and start working. Free yourself from the restrictions of your legacy systems, protect your future investments and lower the total cost of ownership.