The LI4278 takes 1D barcode scanning to the next level, allowing workers to scan faster and farther as they can capture virtually any 1D barcode. Built for all day and everyday use, the LI4278 offers cordless freedom with Bluetooth compatibility. It also offers better encryption for improved security and better overall wireless performance.

The LI4278 is backward compatible with its key accessory - the cradle - which works with its cousins, the LS4278 and DS6878. Superior battery power management delivers the largest nuber of scans per battery charge to support scan intensive applications. You cans use it dusty and wet environments and it can survive a 1.8 m drop.

LI4278 Specification

  • 1D
  • Linear Imager
  • Bluetooth (Cordless)
  • Range of Bluetooth up to 100 m (Line of sight)
  • Capture labels printed on traditional paper labels as well as mobile barcodes that may be displaye on a mobile phone, tablet or computer screen
  • Reads UPC barcodes from 2.54 cm to 76.2 cm as well as high density codes at extended ranges for application flexibility.
  • Battery life per full charge: 72 hours
  • Over 100 drops at room temperature