Manthan Analytics

Manthan Analytics

Analyze. Decide. Do.

 KDS has partnered with an advanced analytics solution should be able to analyze any retail scenario (predicted and unpredicted), provide recommendations and enable execution. Manthan’s solutions promise complete fulfillment on analytics needs across the entire decision-making and action lifecycle. They combine business scenarios, statistical sciences, advanced analytics and business process automation to complete a virtuous analytics cycle.

The power of ‘Do’ is that it enables micro-level decision with auto-discovery and auto-recommendations. It eliminates the need for multiple technologies which are custom-built and therefore limiting when it comes to providing an end-to-end seamless knowledge discovery. It makes uncertainty manageable with daily calibration based on changing trends and seasonal fluctuations. It truly enables an automation of the analytics process across needs.

‘Do’ can change your organization, giving it the ability to react to any and every unforeseen scenario with precise actions. It makes your entire business process agile and able to react swiftly to external dynamics. And it makes the most sophisticated analytics technology user-friendly, for every role in retail.

Every scenario has a resolution. And that resolution, is now auto-recommended. With Manthan.

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