PT. KDS Business Solutions is recognized as a leading Solutions provider to retail and supply chain customers and an provider of innovative solutions for the Retail and Supply Chain industry through its suites of solutions. KDSBS is a partner to leading global software solutions for teh supply chain Industry. Each of these solutions are proven across the globe and have a large installed base. 

In addition to supplying its clients with world class software, KDSBS also prides itself on its reputation as offering industry leading support services. To make certain that all of our clients needs are continually met, KDSBS’s Services is divided into three specialized units, Professional Services, Support Services, and Managed Services. Each is responsible for different aspects of the KDSBS’s experience, from implementation, to help desk, to training, and beyond. This allows Client Services to more quickly respond and manage our client’s requests and needs in a timely and cost effective manner.

Professional Services

Professional Services is comprised of KDS’s Implementation and Business Consultants. It is their primary goal to ensure that KDS’s software solutions is integrated into our client's everyday business process quickly and painlessly. Before going on-site, all Consultants are required to complete a thorough training program, enabling them to bring unique technical and business experiences to the client for successful system integration. KDS consultants are qualified to offer the following services:

  • Software Implementation
  • Business Process Review
  • Project Planning
  • Application Integration Support
  • Technical Data Mapping and Extraction
  • Database Configuration and Optimization Assistance
  • End User and System Administration Training
  • Supplemental Training

Support Services

Support Services is responsible for handling all incoming client issues pertaining to KDS software suite of solutions. This group's primary goal is to provide clients with a quick, responsive resolution to a problem, question, or request. Support Services also provides:

  • Phone support from professional Client Representatives Monday through Friday (except national holidays)
  • 24/7 customized support service
  • A web-site and FTP capabilities to receive and send data files and software
  • Incident number tracking system for issues that cannot be immediately resolved

Training Services

In today's fast-paced marketplace, professionals continually struggle to stay abreast of rapid industry changes. To help our clients through these transitions and ensure that they are always "in the know" and able to maximize their return on investment in KDSBS software suites, Training Services offers instructional programs through its Technology training courses. KDSBS provides a focused learning environment and is available either in a training center or on-site, at the client location. All KDSBS instructors can lead standard, as well as custom courses and provide supplemental tools to complement their training programs.

Maintenance Services

KDSBS recognizes the critical role we play in our clients' business process. It is our mission that our products accurately reflect and respond to the varying needs of our clients. To guarantee that our clients have immediate access to our support services and all maintenance releases of our product, Client Services offers a comprehensive Maintenance Agreement. This provides the security and support our clients need so that their system is effectively utilized and continues to respond and adapt to their business processes.

A partial list of Maintenance Services, include:

  • Access to our support services
  • Problem Resolution Updates
  • Requests placed in the queue of our On line help desk system (HDS)
  • Access to the web-based support center