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Aldata and EYC Merge to Become Symphony EYC

Aldata, a retail and distribution optimization company, and EYC, a customer engagement specialist, both part of the Symphony Technology Group, announce their merger into a new company, Symphony EYC.

Symphony EYC is a powerful new force in retail, which combines the sophisticated customer engagement analytics of EYC with the high performance retail and distribution optimization execution capabilities of Aldata. Now customer insights and customer engagement strategies can link directly into retail assortment, merchandising and supply chain execution to meet customer driven demand in real time.

The combined business will serve the needs of the new generation of shoppers, omni-shoppers, who access information anytime, anywhere and make decisions on brands and purchases in real time, online and inside the store. Symphony EYC will equip retailers with the key solutions required to engage, personalize, offer and fulfill omni-shoppers’ expectations as they increasingly use mobile and social platforms to shop.

This merger is built for growth. The two companies’ product and skill portfolios are extremely complementary with little overlap in people or service areas. The combined business will serve over 1000 clients, have over 600 employees and operate in over 25,000 stores with an expanding presence across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Symphony EYC clients will benefit from:

  • A combined supply and demand proposition with customer-powered demand forecasting that will revolutionize retailing merchandising and supply chain efficiency;
  • Consultancy, services and support operations for over 1000 retail/CPG clients globally;
  • Development innovation in customer analytics demand driven merchandising, customer engagement and supply chain execution.

Roy Simrell, the President and CEO of Aldata, will lead Symphony EYC. Mr. Simrell has over 25 years of experience in retail technology with a proven track record in the delivery of complex, mission critical, software projects to some of the world's leading retailers.

“Aldata and EYC are a natural fit for each other. Both companies live the same vision that the future of retailing is customer driven, and believe that to succeed retailers must get closer to their customers so ‘Engage Your Customers,’ is the perfect message and name for our new company,” said Mr Simrell.

EYC’s current CEO Tom Buehlmann will remain within the group and become an advisory board member of Symphony EYC. Mr Buehlmann will also move to our parent company, Symphony Technology Group, to take up another executive role.